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Embark on the Medawar Custom Experience

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Your Custom Journey Starts Here

Whether you arrive with a distinct vision or are seeking inspiration, our personalized consultation is the first step on your custom jewelry journey. Our creative design team is adept at crafting a vision that reflects your desires and dreams, ensuring the final piece is one you'll cherish. If you do not have a vision yet and would like something made just for you without the custom charge, we will help create a vision and bring it to life for you.


Creative Blueprint

We take our collaborated ideas, combined with our expertise, to draft a detailed sketch that captures the essence of your concept. This blueprint is the foundation of your custom piece, tailored to your narrative.

Starts With Your Idea
CAD Design


Approval of the Vision

You'll have the opportunity to approve the meticulously designed draft, allowing us to proceed with precision and care, knowing that every aspect aligns with your expectations.


Artisanal Creation

With your approval, our artisans employ traditional and cutting-edge techniques—such as wax carving, milling, or growing—to create the mold for your piece, which is then cast with your chosen metal.



Exquisite Detailing

The cast piece is refined with hand carvings, engravings if desired, and thorough polishing, culminating in a detailed setting process. Each step is carried out to ensure your jewelry meets our highest standards of craftsmanship and beauty.


Your Creation, Unveiled.

Join us for the exclusive in-store reveal of your bespoke jewelry piece—where craftsmanship meets your personal narrative. Experience the joy of the final reveal as we present your custom design. If convenience calls, we'll bring the celebration to you with premium delivery, ensuring your newest treasure arrives with style and care.

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Enjoy the luxury of custom without the customary premium—our exquisite, tailor-made jewelry comes to you at prices more accessible than those of many designer brands, all while upholding our signature excellence in craftsmanship.

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