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Whaley Children’s Center has had a positive impact on the Flint area since 1926. For more than 90 years, it has provided a home to more than 90 foster children per year. The center gives children who have suffered abuse, neglect or both a safe place to call home.

“Our children work through an individualized treatment plan to help them understand that their past does not define their future,” Whaley’s director of development, Dawn Wisner, says. “Community collaboration and support is a main objective for our Center,” she adds. “We are so lucky to work with agencies such as the Boys and Girls Clubs, the Ennis Center for Children, Mott Children’s Health Center and the Weiss Advocacy Center, to name a few.” These community organizations work hard to ensure that Whaley Children’s Center’s mission is met each day. That mission is to provide tools to youth to reach their full potential. “Each day we work to impact the community through raising strong, confident young people,” Whaley’s president and CEO, Mindy Prusa, says. The organization’s new independent living program introduces local businesses and individuals who model success. The children have the opportunity to work on projects with local startup incubator 100K Ideas, learn to cook with Michigan State University’s extension services, hear community leaders give inspiring talks and more. “Together as a community we are building future successful members of our next generation,” Wisner says. In addition to helping kids, Whaley Children’s Center employs more than 100 Genesee County residents and provides internships for more than 20 students each year. They also offer many volunteer opportunities for people in the community. “We love it when our community offers support,” Wisner says. “We are always looking for mentors, volunteers and people to help with our fundraising events. We like everyone who becomes a member of the Whaley family to have fun giving back. We will work hard to find what fits their interests and build from there.” Their next fundraiser is the World’s Greatest Office Party, which will be held on December 7, 2018. “There are so many new elements to the event,” Wisner says. “We need help to make this a successful fundraiser so our children can have the best place to call home while they are at our center.”

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