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On his computer screen in his downtown Fenton office, Medawar Jewelers president Ronny Medawar has compiled his “10 Attributes of Our Obsession at Medawar,” but there’s a problem — he keeps adding and adjusting the ranking of these 10 business necessities. “As I complete my list, I then think about another point, and I rearrange them all again,” he says. “Maybe these attributes will always be changing and improving. We are always working to make our guest experience better,” he says.

The 37-year-old businessman loves coming to work every day, whether it’s to deal directly with jewelry customers on the floor of his stores, or serving in several community group leadership roles, or even handling paperwork in the office. “Paperwork — that’s the one I like the least, because I prefer helping people mark the special moments in their lives,” Ronny says with a smile.

Medawar Jewelers is the ongoing culmination of his family’s hard work, which began in 1920. That’s when Ronny’s grandfather, Chakib Medawar, opened a small watch and clock shop. He later taught Ronny’s father, Samuel Medawar, the trade — and Samuel sparked a jewelry legacy, as he expanded the business to include jewelry repair and sales. As a child, young Ronny was there, learning all aspects of the watch and jewelry business from his father, Sam, and good business habits from his mother, Suzanne Medawar.

Today, from that original store now known as Medawar Jewelers Frandor in Lansing, the Medawar story has expanded to include Medawar Jewelers Flint Township in 2001 and Medawar Jewelers Fenton in 2009. More information is at the website.

“Buying fine jewelry is an investment, not only financially but of your time and emotions,” Ronny says. “We provide a relaxed environment where our guests may enjoy their experience, and walk away with a smile, peace of mind and confidence that Medawar Jewelers is the perfect choice to create and service their jewelry and timepieces.”

As a busy 7-year-old, Ronny recalls learning how to fix clocks from his father. His father had several old clock mechanisms in a box that no longer were relevant, and Ronny noticed that although they came from different timepieces, the works inside were very similar. He lined up several of these on the work bench and took them apart, trying to literally learn “what makes them tick.”

Soon, he had taken parts from different clocks and put them together into one timepiece — but it still didn’t work. When he asked his father why his cobbled clock didn’t run, his father was surprised and wondered where this complete clock had come from. “He was pretty amazed I had put it together,” Ronny recalls. “He then adjusted one little part on the clock, a small lever which was not aligned properly, then my clock started to tick. Slowly but surely, he taught me how to repair items and give quality service.” Looking back, Ronny reflects on that moment, “You know, the most important lesson I learned back then is that Mom and Dad always have that little lever to adjust to make things run smoother. They are wonderful advisers to have and are prime examples to everyone in my organization of humbly serving our customers with passion and love.”

“Like a clock, our business will work in perfect harmony. But if it isn’t perfectly aligned and oiled correctly, it might run, but it won’t be perfect. We are always striving for perfection in our business,” Ronny says. Ronny learned how to repair and service watches and clocks from his father, but he learned great customer skills from his mother. “My mother taught me about business in general and from her I learned how to serve people. She was comfortable in the office setting, with a good system for ordering and accounting,” Ronny recalls, “but she does shine brighter than any diamond in our showrooms, where her best work will be found assisting our guests with a warm welcoming smile. My father may be a master watchmaker, but my mother is a master of hosting our guests with love and attention,” Ronny added. “I have been extremely blessed to work beside them and my sister Carol, who not only possesses the same passion, but the same love for our business and our guests, I am very blessed.”

The Medawar dedication to great service is based on three things — faith, family and friends. “With honesty and integrity at the forefront, love for our family heritage and the importance of being sincere in wanting to help our guest, we have been blessed to create so many wonderful relationships throughout the years,” Ronny says. “Hugs are a very common sight in our stores.”

Helping their guests find or create items they will treasure is something the Medawar family is passionate about. “Remember, quality jewelry will be enjoyed now and then passed down to future generations,” he says.

While it may seem less costly to buy some items online, people who do so miss the chance to get expert advice from jewelers who stand behind their products. “You should know what you are purchasing and fully understand the quality, because you are not only picking a style, you are purchasing the way that piece is made, and you need to know it is going to last generations. When you purchase from our family, you know we stand behind the piece and the quality,” he says.

Whether customers come into Medawar Jewelers in Fenton, Flint Township or in Lansing across from Frandor or they buy from the company’s online store at — “We work very hard to ensure our quality is always consistent. You don’t need to fear purchasing from us, in person or online. We are here to ensure you are pleased with the full experience.”

Medawar Jewelers is already considering how best to celebrate their first 100 years in business, during 2020. “We don’t expect much to change, yet we want to honor the legacy and hard work of my grandfather, my parents, uncles, cousins and our entire work family that has served our guests so well since 1920,” he says. “We are working hard to ensure Grandpa will be proud of what his vision has become.”