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When he was about 12 years old, Ronny Medawar designed his first ring, after watching his father create hundreds of beautiful designs at Medawar Jewelers. As he gained more experience, Ronny realized creating personalized wedding rings was one of the very favorite parts of his career.

So when Jamie and Becky Gaskin of Fenton asked him to design their wedding jewelry, he knew he could help them make their June 9, 2018, wedding even more memorable. That is exactly what resulted, in their own words: “I wanted the ring to symbolize our love, carry on family tradition and make a statement to Becky about how much I love her,” Jamie recalls. “I wanted the ring to tell our love story and celebrate our families coming together.” This included his grandmother’s diamond, plus featured seven diamonds to acknowledge all the members of their new family. “The ‘G’ scripted on the side put it over the top,” Jamie says.

“Working with Ronny was an important part of achieving everything we wanted from the ring. He was so personally interested in seeing us have everything we wanted, and his enthusiasm and encouragement were sincere.” Becky Gaskin was nervous at first, since she had never designed any jewelry before. “When we met with Ronny, I was so excited, but really had no idea what the process would look like,” she recalls. “I was a single mom of four for 11 years. I didn’t think this kind of love was in the cards for me, but then here I was, sitting in Ronny’s chair, talking about our love story. When I left, I was in tears. I had felt like I was reacquainted with an old friend, who deeply cared about us,” she says. “As I began to talk, he began to draw. He originally drew a ring that placed four diamonds on either side of the crown. When I spoke up that there were now going to be seven family members, he changed it to three on either side,” Becky says. “I felt like he just listened to our story and created something special with it,” she says. “I absolutely love the touch of rose gold in the ring. it reminds me of my grandmother and the blush pink my daughter wore as my maid of honor,” Becky says. “He said, ‘Imagine whatever it could be — don’t worry about size and make. Just talk about your vision for your wedding ring,’” Becky recalls.

Now, Jamie and Becky recommend more couples design their own wedding memories. “Celebrate your love story,” Becky says. “Share it with Ronny and let him create something special that only the two of you will share.” “Spend time really thinking about your values, the unique and wonderful things about your new family and family traditions,” Jamie says. “The ring is a ‘forever’ part of the marriage and it’s more than a symbol. It’s a declaration of love and a celebration of family,” he adds.