When it comes to self-expression we can easily find ourselves relying on clothing to make a statement, but one of the best ways to project self-expression is with jewelry. From rings to necklaces, those bangles and baubles can change with our moods like the seasons. Capturing that mind-set is the latest in trends… stacking and layering. We wear our favorite go-to pieces on a daily basis and often find ourselves in a duplicate rut, but stacking can allow you to mix it up and even breathe some new life into those favorite looks. Stacking allows you to layer to create a whole new style for those standalone pieces. The key is to experiment with textures, sizes and length. The trend may seem like a hard one to master, especially for those who follow suit with the “one piece on each part” mind-set to jewelry. Trends can be scary that way, especially when they have us changing an old way of thinking and stepping outside of our style comfort zone. With the guidance of a Medawar Jewelers expert, you’re just a few pieces away from endless options and a fabulous new way of self-expression with stylish flair.

JENNIFER BOYD Jennifer's favorite way to showcase the stacking style is with the Bujukan bangle bracelets from the Gabriel collection. “They are a flexible bangle and fit most wrists. They look amazing stacked with mixing colors, along with plain and stones.” As with any trend, there is always that fear factor of being a newbie. Consider starting out with rings. Easy to work with any clothing style and subtle. A Medawar diamond band with a pearl ring adds that air of class and sophistication that's always in style.

SIANNA HOBSON “Some of my favorite pieces to embrace the new stacking trend would be coin necklaces or chokers paired with a dangle necklace of a different metal shade to create an eye-catching piece.” Consider a mixture of stones and textures as well as mixing your metals. Yes, silver, yellow gold and even a little rose gold. Look to wear a mix of sentiments around your neck. Charms, initials or even zodiac signs. The très trendy style really works when bringing both casual bangles and precious stones into harmony. Family heirlooms can find new style joining recently purchased pieces for a fashion-forward look. The possibilities are truly endless, but is there a limit to how much to stack? Hobson has advice on that front as well. “When it comes to quantity of pieces it depends on each person. A great styling tip for stacking and layering is wearing more bracelets on one arm than the other to avoid a cluttered look.”