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1. GUEST EXPERIENCE ensuring the experiences of our guests are meaningful and informational so they can have peace of mind and confidence in Medawar.

2. QUALITY OF CRAFTMANSHIP ensuring our in-house watch, clockmakers and jewelers service & create pieces that will last generations with high quality craftsmanship and materials.

3. FULL SERVICE EXPERIENCE ensuring that we not only take care of you in the initial purchase, but to be there for all your watch, clock & jewelry service needs with our in-house watch, clock and jewelry repair experts on site, even if the piece was purchased somewhere else.

4. REPAIR & SERVICE to the best of our ability ensuring we provide our staff with the highest form of ongoing training, tools and atmosphere to service your pieces with attention to detail, so they will last generations.

5. VERY BEST VALUE for the quality ensuring we provide the best price for the quality to our customers, every day.

6. INTEGRITY at all costs ensuring we put our strong morals first and foremost in our everyday work.

7. FAITH – FAMILY – FRIENDS Ensuring we hold faith as an important part of everything we do and believe our employees and our customers are, not only our friends, but become like family.

8. CREATING A MEMORABLE IMPACT on lives ensuring a memorable experience that will represent the meaningful moments our jewelry represents in our customers’ lives.

9. ALWAYS ROOM for additional attributes and improvements ensuring we strive for perfection every day, and although we may never be perfect on this earth, we will continuously be in pursuit of it.

10. GO BACK TO #1 and refine and improve our efforts ensuring we refine our efforts is something we continuously do so our guest experience, our product selection and quality will be the very best we can offer.